This post is in the memory of all those days which were brutally killed by my atrocious “Mood Flights”…Most of the post would depict my helplessness against my mood’s mood, so those who know me or peculiar histrionics of mine before hand, only 1 request… No smirks please, not even a trace of them…

No more circumlocution…straight to the point. Here I am not talking about the days on which the mood worsens because of external factors like say because you flunked and your crush’s crush topped the marks list, or because your bitter rival somehow got all the credit for the master copy of the tutorial you floated in the class or even worse- your girl friend’s best friend who has a voice as “amazing” as an ugly duck and lives her life by the motto Quack-till-you-die, decides to accompany you on your supposed date…God, that is soooooo painful, I understand, but it is also far too simple and straightforward because you can blindly pinpoint what went wrong and hence you have a reason to let the mood swing wildly. This post is just not about it. This is about those puzzling days when all things are as such flawless but still I feel like frowning at each and every perfection and I don’t know why? However hard I may try to smile that day, smiling seems to be as tough as is getting through IIT-JEE mains assumably! (I used “assumably” because I never had the good luck to taste IIT-JEE Mains and even the screening paper was Greek and Latin for me!). If by chance I somehow manage to eke out a smile, the lips decide to stick together as if they have been “soldered together” and won’t let a word out! Then the eyes would be so hopelessly out of synch with that supposedly smiling face that it would be kind of 2 contrasting half faces somehow assembled into 1 piece which naturally raises curiosity levels of the onlookers and forces them to enquire. On that “happening” day, it is almost like I am a time bomb with a faulty timer which itself doesnot know when will it explode!!Then finally the big moment – any person who tries to be nice and repeatedly asks the dreaded 2 words “WHAT HAPPENED??”, is in big-big trouble I am telling you. That “prey” would apparently face the entire wrath for the obnoxious little enquiry he/she made…And no don’t try to cheer me up because cheering is best left to cheer leaders and I swear that even the most gorgeous one’s can’t do there job that day.

It is quite insane I agree but it is not like that I have not tried to change it all…Initially, when I was new to this phenomena I got amazed at the intricacies of it and used to wonder that how does it happen that I would be as jovial, happy and full of life as a TEENAGER boy surrounded by booze and ooooooooooooohs(read it as “girls” if you that was not-so- obvious for you) for 2-3 days running and then out of the blue, suddenly on the 4th day a Black magic would be cast on me and I would be as mad as fore mentioned teenager’s father would be, on seeing the plight of his son! I remember trying to get to the root cause that causes this huge “mood-chaos” but to no avail…It was almost like Mr. Bean in all his pomp and glory couldn’t force my lips to even remotely resemble a smile on that cursed day! And to top it all, when people asked about what’s wrong, then I just could not single out any instance that caused it all…Then as I matured, I tried to lift myself up whenever I sensed this “mood-quake” coming my way, but the harder I tried, the softer target I became! Not any before that I had my wisdom tooth that I realized that instead of struggling with this paranormal activity, I should pretend that all is fine. Let it happen and see if it makes a difference. Alas…not an iota changed except for the fact that a trip to a mental hospital seemed a reality for the 1st time in my life.

I also really don’t know why I haven’t ever called Mood swings as Mood Swings and have always tried to coin new terms like “Not-so-Good Day” or “Off-day” or “Mood’s Wings Day”…May be because the name Mood swings somehow signifies that person has absolutely unbelievably unstable moods, while my “alter-mood” affects me, not any before than the 3rd day! Now don’t try to tell me that it is abnormal. I have heard enough of this before too. It is just that I am consistent and yes, it’s normal, quite normal for me at least!!

Now some advice time…I am very sure I am not the only person on this planet suffering from these “Mood-Tsunamis”…There are a whole lot of people out there who go through it and either they do not realize it or there ego doesn’t let them realize that they can be mishandled by there own mood. Each and every time they try to get to the bottom of this “abnormality” they end up coming out frustrated and irritated…During the last few years, I have believed in a wonderful piece of philosophy I have developed, which helps me a lot…It gives me much needed solace during these trying times. It goes as follows:

These “Mood-flips” are just like love…They come for no reason, they steal the ability to think, can strike you anytime and no matter how hard you try you can not put in words or explain to anybody, what you are going through…So no point fighting/sulking…Do as you will do in “love”…Just embrace the feeling and fly into a new world!!!

Please surely let me know if it helps you because if it does it will do 2 things:

1) Make me feel much-2 better…

2) I will have someone who will acccompany me when I make a trip to psychiatrist…See you there Dude!!