Sweetheart Sharmishtha Payal,

Ohhh…Sorry for that clumsy cutting of the name and all but you know, i have wasted enough time and paper for this mundane activity, so I am not going to waste another one just because of a small blemish…So i will write a e-love letter…Coool no! Before the questions start to choke your tiny brain again, I myself confess that “ Sharmishtha” is the same girl over whom we fought the last time and you decided to call off our relation because I refused to tell you the name of the girl who calls me every now and then and sends me gifts. You know what, “Sharmishtha” never called me up more than 5-6 times a day, never ever talked beyond 50 minutes and moreover mostly called me during the night time and as far as gift issue is concerned she never gifted me twice in the same week…God knows what irritated you so much darling… Tomorrow if I kiss or cuddle your hot sister then you might suspect that I am in love with her! No baby no…This is ridiculous thinking to say the least but I know that you can be stubborn at times. But because I am the more adjusting and tolerant one among the 2 of us, I have decided to ignore the scene and hullabaloo you create over small stupid things from now on. Gosh…Lets not start it all over again…Only 1 thing I can say dear…I know you are not perfect but I am ready to change my nature for you, what more can a girl desire of his man!! Lucky you!

Anyways its time to be romantic….You know Payal, I missed you a lot during the past 8 months when I wasn’t with you. Every now and then, 1 thing or the other, directly or indirectly made me think of you and that made me realize how big a part of my life are you. For instance, just 3-4 days after our break up I was looking at my ugly “Piggy bank” and that made me miss you so so much. No, no…not because the ugly piggy of the “piggy bank” had the lower lip thrust out exactly as yours but more so because however hard I may try I was not able to re-collect the last time I had to use my own money when I was with you . And now poor me has to even search the piggy bank to survive! Come back darling I miss u so so much. I cant survive like this. You were my support system in the true sense dear…

Then as days passed I started to recover from the break up but then one day when I was casually looking at my wardrobe , a question popped up in my mind…Who would want you back in my life more desperately, I or my cloth hangers!! Whenever I look at those nude hangers I remember those glory days when we were together, which bring tears to my eyes. Thanks to the clothes which you used to buy me, I flaunted a new piece of clothing every fortnight at least and now I fear the day I near would come when I will I have to use the clothes which Sharmishta secretly gifted me! This is scary stuff you know because ideally I wouldn’t want to use them, as those are precious memories to me and memories are meant to be preserved and not used…Don’t test me dear and comeback quick, I love you from the bottom of my heart and my empty wardrobe does it too!

These memories can be killing you know… The other day I was passing by a High class restaurant and I at once remembered the wonderful delicacies we enjoyed on the expense of your well paid job. 1 more confession to make dear. Did it not ever come to your mind that the frequency of restaurants visits we made was directly proportional to the number of gifts you got from me…My lovely darling, the reason was that the tip you used to leave, never ever reached the waiter…Yes you read it correctly…It never reached the waiter because I pounced on it before the poor waiter could and then I reused it buy you a gift!! In simple maths, 1 high class restaurant visit was = 2 gorgeous dresses…1 so so restaurant visit was = Makeup accessory/Fancy bangle and 1 cheap restaurant visit was = 1 archies card…Got it…So now you agree naa that I am not a gourmet or a selfish person darling…I see you in every moment, and think about you in every passing second…Yesterday when I was alone and feeling quite bored, I somehow yawned because of the boredom and guess what followed the yawn…A bucketful of tears sweetheart because the yawn suddenly made me remember the endless chats we had whenever you felt that your vocal chords needed exercising. I miss you so so much dear and I must say that your presence in my life was “comforting” to say the least. One last confession to make by the way…You remember when I nicknamed you Mani you asked the logic behind it and I said there is no logic as such…There is logic behind everything I do darling…I nicknamed you MANI because it sounds like MONEY…Cool thinking, Aint it!

You know dear I have changed a lot over the last few months. Ever since the day I started watching DISCOVERY and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC channel I somehow feel a new respect for your parents. The other day in a program on gorillas on the DISCOVERY channel, it was shown that the mother gorilla always bares her teeth and snarls at the other gorillas who wish to mate with the daughter gorilla. Not only this, the mother gorilla even goes to the length of conspiring (yes conspiring!!) and complaining to the father gorilla about it however healthy (the screening factor before mating for a gorilla) the prospective gorilla maybe! If a female Chimp can do it so why should I feel bad when your mother does it! After we have all evolved from the chimps so we would have some characteristics of theirs, right… Its a different story although that the mother gorilla may do it out of love for her daughter unlike humans who might have ulterior motives but that is why they are human. Point, isn’t it!

In another program on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC I got to know of 1 more fact (which I initially thought that was total crap and the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC guys are insane) … In any of the specie except for the lion, a male can never ever override what the female partner wants however right he may be…I thought what is the big deal…Humans have mind and yes, heart too and they can act accordingly but I tell you these NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC guys really put a lot into there studies and the way your father has handled our love matter it supports the theory even more. I don’t blame your father dear…after all he is not a LION naa…So the conclusion is that blame is not of your parents’…lets blame it on evolution and mother nature!! So nothing against your parents and I will respect your parent from now on for being so …hmm…err…what to say…what to say…what to say…lets say HUMAN(phew…took long time to think no!!)

So…Finally as you can see that all point are sorted out so I hope you would have realized how much I loved you and I how much I miss you now…Come back darling, and for 1 more time trust me dear…To end it on a romantic note, etch in mind what I say-

Sharmishtha, “Payal” is out of my mind for once and for all and I have got no one but you on my mind.

Miss you my “M”oney…I mean “H”oney…Waiting for you…