Confession time folks…Yes I used at least 90% of the reasons I mentioned in the last post Readymade “poetic” Reasons if u flunk the CAT:)” when one person or another enquired about how did I fare in CAT…In fact my urgency to reply with a new and a novel reason would have comfortably put to shame Tiger Wood’s urgency to start the “game”…Pun intended! (Those of you who don’t know who is Tiger woods or what “spectacular” he did, I would suggest think of a playboy who occasionally plays a sport at which he is a genius, apart from “playing” with what you expect a playboy to “play” with…Too many plays eh!) I did that replying with absolutely-absurd reasons-which-only-a-breathing-stone-would-believe thing for 1 week or so and then finally when I could not devise anymore reasons which might remotely explain that why I flunked the CAT, I decided to do a reality check and scanned my mental system for a reason that why was I doing it and not long after VOILA..I got it. I am suffering from a deadly, pernicious disease called WHINE FLU…no i did not spell it wrong. It’s not SWINE but WHINE Flu sire…Now what’s that, did you say?? Actually it’s a pandemic which has been prevalent since this earth has been inhabited by lazy bums with inflated egos who excel at nothing but giving quarter hearted attempts at everything that comes there way and then shouting reasons on which only a deaf can control his guffaw!! Sounds familiar already?? I always knew some of you will give me company!

See people, there is nothing to panick about although the virus which causes WHine Flu is a deadly one. The name of the virus is H.ONE.B-N1 aka “H”ave “O”ne “N”ew “E”mbarrasing failure “B”lame “N”e 1!! But to hell with the symptoms and to hell with the virus yaar. Savour the moment…We are in majority on this planet, no need to worry…Only 10% of the population on this planet comprises of those single minded hard working souls who sweat hard to meet their cherished aims but i tell you these champs can never ever realize what pleasure do we chumps enjoy by doing nothing and blaming everything dead or alive for anything that goes wrong. We are happy in our own whining ways you know.

Now, sample this conversation Question: Hey how is your career shaping dude. Enjoing?? Answer: Aah… the bloody company I work for doesn’t recognize talent u know. Its shit I am stuck in. And also I am not able to get over “her” memories..We had a strong relationship you know…Once I get over it, I will prosper for sure…And moreover I never wanted to be in this silly IT industry! Question: Ohh so saaad to hear that…But why things didn’t work out with her? And if you don’t like this industry why don’t you try something else. Something your kinda job?? Answer: Ahh…you know she was too possessive and over bearing kinda girl and always wanted her share of time…I love space, my space! So, you know… And as far as changing the track and all it’s too late actually…My parent forced me too Btech and all. I was never interested in it (although you might have never known what the hell you were interested in apart from ogling at the those angels from different angles but NEVER SAY THAT ALOUD baby…let the fault lie with somebody else) Question: But Mr. XYZ which is in the same company and same domain as yours is doing good, why not you? Answer: Yaar, he is damn plain lucky I tell you. Luck matters a lot in life u know and I have none of it!

So get the drift haa?? If you can see yourself as the person who will answer on similar lines then congrats you are infected too. One more check now, the second symptom …Its something like even though you might be as happy and “satisfied” as Tiger Woods who has played a perfect “game”(err either of the “games” I mean) then also you somehow don’t admit it and subconsciously you try to find fault with one thing for another. It is a subtle symptom and to look for it I asked myself that when was the last time I replied with “I am doing great” and really meant it too, to a question as simple as “How are you?”…I knew in the heart of my hearts that if the person asking the question enquires a bit further and says “ohh you are doing great…nice to hear that!!” then I was sure to say “not really..” and then lay open the grand fat suitcase containing tones of whines and a zillion wrong doings this merciless human race has inflicted on me! Poor me, innocent me and this cunning merciless world! Huh.

So by now you would have figured out whether H.ONE.B-N1 has already attacked you or not. If yesss then let me have the pleasure to invite you to be a part of a group called as say WHINER’s WHINING TABLE or WHINE &WIN club or anything which you suggest, where all of us would brainstorm and devise new never heard before reasons for failing (and lets pledge that we will not use reasons such as “luck” and “he was from a financially stable background” as they are too often used. Be creative, man!) and lets compile all the reasons which would massage our egos at one place(something like a big database you know) so that it keeps us prepared and give us – “the WHIMPERMEN” the courage to face those SUPERMAN who believe in the saying “Doing anything honestly and whole heartedly creates the difference between whining and winning”. To heck with them I say.

Raise your voice and do let me know who all plan to join me in this quest…The game starts now!