Well about me…That’s not a tough question!!

Ahem!!! You all mighty WINNERS take a cover…Here comes the mightiest of your opposer…You might be a WINNER but I am a WHINER and no pushover one, mind you!! I can whine for anything..absolutely anything. I can whine for getting late to office and I can also whine for finally getting into the office… I can get absolutely ruffled when my alarm clock doesn’t go off and also at when it actually goes off because it disturbed my sleep… In other words if you dare give me 1 reason to be happy, I promise I will give you a trillion to die. This is yours truly in short.

I am a softWHERE EngInear…yeah you guessed it right, I do not know the spelling but neither do I know my job …I guess it is one of the most futile piece of job available on this EARTH rather, in the Milky Way by far, but the good part is that you get paid handsomely(though not after that dreaded R word i.e. RECESSION struck), you have nice gals floating in your office(but somehow my office suffers from ACUTE DROUGHT of the fairer sex) and you get loads of free time(yeah..yeah..I might be the leader over hereJJJJJ).

1 most important thing without which ABOUT ME would not be complete…You know I am kind of fed up with this world..this hollow life I am living…I am one of those who firmly believes we have a purpose..an aim in life. Life is just not going to work…pretending to work..pretending to be tired..and then finally finishing the day off by a heavy doze of television and for the last time in the day pretending that I am enjoying it!! But the problem is that I am too timid and risk allergic by nature and to top it all I am a Pessimists dream in full flow and a royal dream at that. And yes that word dream …What to say about it…that word is my soulmate.It really is!! You know, its as deadly a combination as it ever gets…It’s a split persona in the lighter sense…Complaining the whole day about the lack of opportunities, lack of fun in my life, lack of love, lack of exciting things to do but still dreaming and imagining myself nothing less than a Bollywood superstar/International Cricket player/Hottest Model ever to grace this earth/An author whose first name would be SIR even before he launches a book/A Psychiatrist (though you might argue that I need one)…Its an impressive CV no doubt. You name it and I have dreamt about it but the good thing is Daydreaming is as dangerously close to any solid progressive work I get to, during my whole petulant day.

Its boring isn’t it but that’s me!!